Event Containers

Chocolate lovers and LEGO builders both know one thing: Happiness comes in a box. At Space Production, nothing excites us more than getting to participate in container-based event projects. This is an assortment of our work with event containers and container-based event venues for various clients.

PUMA event containers being prepared by our staff:

Puma container  collage.jpg

Event container for Nelly Summer Tour 2014:

Nelly container collage.jpg

3D Cinema for the 2011-2012 Volvo Ocean Race:

3D cinema container collage.jpg

Recruiting event containers for the Swedish armed forces:

Försvarsmakten container collage.jpg

Event container for UD Trucks, used at test drive events in Japan and Southeast Asia:

UD Trucks container collage.jpg

Volvo C30 Experience event at Eriksbergshallen, Gothenburg:

C30 container collage.jpg

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