Interview with Lasse Frisk, CEO (eng)

In August 2022 we got a new CEO at Space production. Now that Lasse is warm in his clothes, we feel it's time to ask him out.


Hello Lasse! How long have you been working at Space? - I have been a project manager at Space since 2006, so that will soon be 17 years. Last year I got the honor of taking over the role of CEO after Kaj Edanius.


What is the most fun thing about working at Space? - The best thing is that it is often very challenging projects where you work closely together with nice customers.


Can you share your best tip for a company that is going to have an event soon? - I usually ask the customer to focus on what they want to achieve with the event. There is a difference if the event is meant for potential customers or other companies and partners. 


What is the coolest project you've done so far? The coolest thing I've been involved in is when we were out on a small island in the Gothenburg archipelago and set up a cube in which the customer's new product was to be displayed. We built the cube on a barge and shipped it out to the island with a boat where we then took off out it. It was incredibly challenging and awesome!


Can you share something few people know about you? - Yes, I have a secret dream of being a circus acrobat and who knows, maybe the dream will come true. I can already walk on my hands and am now also investing in learning to juggle.


The industry magazine Eventeffect has published a longer interview with Lasse, which can be read here.

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