Information on delivery and payment

Products ordered on this page will be supplied by DSM contractor Space Production AB.

All products will be delivered straight to your stand at DSM2021.

Note: All prices incl. VAT in kr (SEK)  

Payment is made through bank transfer to Space Production AB.

Bank transfer info (link)

-Place your order before August 16  to get the prices in the order form.
-Orders placed between August 17-30 will result in a 50% price increase.
-August 30 is the latest date for placing orders.

-For Print products, you will need to supply us with printable files before August 16.
-For AV files you will need to supply us with AV files before August 16.

Please download our Print file guidelines (link)

If the files do not correspond to these guidelines, we may need to do additional work before printing, at an additional cost.

For products that are bought (rather than rented), we may be able to help with return shipping to a location of your choice.

Each stand includes:

  • Two high tables
  • Four bar stools
  • Electricity, two electrical sockets
  • Two long arm spotlights
  • Fascia board with your company name in white on a blue background
  • Carpet 

If you have any questions, contact us at