We are Scandinavia’s leading turnkey supplier of events, exhibition booths and custom interiors. Delivering projects across Europe and the world for over 30 years, you can count on us for your next project.

Som en följd av Covid-19 hjälper vi nu även företag att anpassa sina lokaler för att minska smittspridning. Prata med oss om hur vi kan hjälpa er att skydda er personal och era besökare.

What is your next project?


A successful exhibition booth brings your brand to life and your products closer to your audience. It creates an environment where you can maintain your relationship with existing customers and develop new ones with your prospects.   

Our experienced project managers and designers work together with you to create bespoke displays based on your goals. Having our own carpentry and graphics workshop means we can secure high-quality across the board and ensure on-time delivery. Additionally, our highly qualified on-site crew secures that everything comes together at the point where your brand meets your customers.      

We are with you every step of the way.

Dentsply exhibitiona stand at Swedental
Abro exhibition stand at Beer and Whisky
Vit stilren liten monter
Exhihibtion stand Volvo trucks


If you’re looking to give your audience a complete and immersive brand experience, there’s nothing as effective as a carefully planned and well-executed event. 

Our team has extensive experience of delivering stage sets and decoration for conferences, product launches and other events, working in close collaboration with the region’s major AV providers. 

Uipath event Las Vegas
Event Volvohallen


If you’re an architect or designer, our integrated design and production abilities make Space Production your one-stop shop to help you realize even your most challenging vision. 

Apart from working with a wide range of materials including wood, glass and metal, we are also specialists in integrating AV technology, IT solutions and prints into the final product.

This, paired with our proven experience installing projects around the world, makes us a unique partner for realizing complex interiors projects.

Unique sauna
Restaurant interior Heaven 22
Restaurant interior Enoteca
Restaurant interior Heaven 22


Our competence in design, carpentry production, graphics, print and AV/IT integration make us an ideal partner for museums, experience centers, showrooms and other permanent or temporary exhibitions. 

In permanent or long-term exhibitions, high resistance against wear and tear is often an important aspect. This makes material selection a critical task. With extensive experience and a comprehensive sample library we can help you select the right materials and design an exhibition that looks the way you want it to, from the first day to the last. 

Popup store Samsung
Showroom Mercedes
Showroom Asics

Adtation of premises to prevent spread of Covid-19

We are specialists in adaptation of temporary or permanent spaces. We thus have the resources and know-how needed to implement many of the changes to workspaces and public spaces that are now required in order to prevent the spread of disease.

We have ready-to-use solutions for information dislay, managing the flow of people, and protecting receptionist and other from contagion. Custom solutions can be developed for your specific needs. Our process from design to installation is very fast.

For best overall results, we suggest that you let us assist with developing a comprehensive plan in collaboration with your site management.

Se fler exempel på sådant vi arbetar med genom att följa länken nedan.