At Space Production, you will find a team with unparalleled experience. For more than 30 years, we have been serving some of Sweden’s largest companies with exhibition stands, events and showrooms. From our base in Gothenburg we deliver projects world-wide, with our own staff as well as through our extensive network of local partners.


Since 2022 we are also present in Germany through our subsidiary Space Production GmbH. This company was founded together with JK-Messedesign, and is built on over 20 years of experience of collective exhibitionprojects.


Space Production has an environmental management system in accordance with the Svensk Miljöbas standard.


Space Production should be a good role model when it comes to restricting the negative environmental influence in our business. We have a special responsibility, since we are the leading actors in a branch of industry with considerable environmental effect. Every day decisions are made with great environmental impact withing the frame of each of our many projects. The employees should therefore be aware of these environmentally critical decisions and make environmental analysis to a natural part of the planning stage.


Simultaneously are we working within the framework set by our clients. It is in our nature to always deliver that our customers demand, and this is something we must cherish. The environmental aspects need to be a natural part of the dialogue with our customers, only then are we able to reach full power in our environmental work.


With this as a framework are we supposed to


  1. Follow the environmental laws and requirements which applies to our business-
  2. Perform and carry out customer assignments so that the environmental impact is minimized within each assignment specification and budget, in a transparent dialogue with our customers.
  3. Actively attempt to influence our customers to that the assignment specifications and budgets enables more environmentally friendly choices.
  4. Run our ongoing functions with a high ambition regarding environmental impact.
  5. Keep all employees informed, aware and engaged in our environmental work.
  6. Work preventively and with a focus on continuous improvements.
  7. Highlight environmental aspects in our external communication and spread positive examples.