Join us for an exciting trip to Germany!

Space Production is not only located in Sweden but also in Germany, where we find our sister company Space Production GmbH. They have a thriving business with a growing client base, and offer production of exhibition stands, complete exhibitions, and large-scale corporate events. 


Recently, we had the pleasure of talking to Michael Jung, CEO of Space Production GmbH, to gain insights into the past year and what lies ahead.  


“We’ve reached approximately 85% of our pre-COVID level but aim to push further. The collaboration between Space GmbH and Space AB shows promising potential that we’ve yet to fully exploit.” 


For the team in Sweden, it is intruigin to see the projects unfolding in Germany. Michael tells us more: 


“My favourite project in 2023 was ITB in Berlin. After the long covid period, this was the first ITB and I had the possibility to see and meet a lot of people again who I really like and have missed. This included both suppliers and customers.“ 


Michael also looks back at a more challenging project, that had a tight timeframe.  


“Creative Technology introduced Space Production GmbH to FGPG, a US experiential marketing agency, after their European partner dropped out six weeks before the installation of the project. This was also during the same time as the European summer holiday season. Thanks to our motivated collegues and network partners we were able to take over this project within 5 working days to a complete delivery.”  


In the end, the project, a stand for Marvel and Bytedance at Gamescom in Cologne, was a complete success.  


Finally we asked Michael about upcoming projects in 2024. 


“It is quite full in our schedule for 2024 and we still have capacities available for the summer and autumn season!”  


Thank you Michael for the glimpse into your work, we look forward to more of Space GmbH and projects unraveling.  


For further information, please contact us or visit Space Production GmbH’s LinkedIn. Let’s collaborate on crafting exceptional projects together! 

Michael Jung

VD Space Production GmbH
+49 171 238 17 59