A sustainable trade fair solution lasts longer

In 2018, Space Production and the Gothenburg-based renewable energy asset management software company Greenbyte began their collaboration to develop a new trade fair solution. The goal was to create a unified concept that could work everywhere, regardless of where in the world it was.


The biggest challenge was the scalability, where the smallest stand would be 18 square meters and the largest would be up to 95 square meters. The project was successful, and the custom-made interior was used five times during 2019 and was planned to be used four times during 2020, which unfortunately was cancelled due to Covid-19.


During 2021, the Swedish Greenbyte was acquired by Power Factors, which is headquartered in San Francisco with ten global offices. Now that the trade fairs are in motion again, the mobile concept is out in the world. In April 2023, Power Factors has already used the exhibition kit three times, and more occasions are booked.


The sustainable thinking that Greenbyte had in 2018 when they created the scalable and mobile kit, means that as Power Factors they continue to use the existing material without going through an extensive rebranding. Because the design was based on simple but powerful shapes, the furniture can continue to live on in Power Factor’s cool stands, like here in Copenhagen 2023.

Feel free to visit their website: Power Factors 


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